Year-End Impact Report


Grassroots Education

The Numbers

  • FFAC presenters gave 168 presentations to 7,270 people, more than twice as many as we reached last year!
  • Over 80% of audience members surveyed pledged to reduce or eliminate their meat consumption. This translates to:
    • Over 59,000 animal lives spared
    • Over 500 million gallons of water saved
    • Over 3.4 million pounds of carbon dioxide saved

The Responses

Here is just a small sampling of the feedback received by our presenters: 


Growing Nationally

In 2015, we expanded from our base in the Bay Area to launch four other chapters - Los Angeles, Portland, Denver, and Richmond, Virginia. We are honored to have such a fantastic team:


Expanding Our Reach

One of FFAC's main strengths is our ability to reach a diverse set of audiences using our targeted presentation materials. We continued to broaden our reach this year with the following additions:

  • Elementary School Presentations - We now have interactive materials suitable for a younger audience, and have given several presentations to elementary and middle schools


  • Tech Presentations - We were honored to speak at the Microsoft Green Kids Conference and at eBay about the global impacts of our food choices, and potential innovative high-tech solutions.


  • Faith Communities - Our Executive Director recently joined the advisory board of Jewish Veg. She has spoken to several Jewish schools and community organizations, such as the entire student body of Kehillah High School in Palo Alto, pictured below. FFAC has spoken to Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian groups as well.


  • Sustainability Conferences - FFAC worked with the BART Blue Sky Festival and the Soil Not Oil Conference to ensure that all of the food served at those events was entirely plant-based. By changing their menus, BART saved 500lb of carbon dioxide and 26,600 gallons of water, and Soil Not Soil saved over 16,000 lb of CO2 and 900,000 gallons of water!

 Green Monday

One of the most exciting developments of 2015 was our new partnership with Green Monday, an international initiative based in Hong Kong.

Green Monday works with individuals and institutions to promote plant-based meals as the most effective way to cut carbon and water "foodprints." Green Monday is the perfect complement to FFAC's work - FFAC presentations promote individual changes, and Green Monday promotes institutional changes.

This year, we partnered with Green Monday to work with the following institutions, all of which have either launched Green Monday in some capacity or intend to launch within the next year:

  • Saint Mary's College
  • Holy Names University
  • UCLA
  • Dartmouth
  • California Department of Public Health - Richmond Campus
  • University of Washington Medical Center
  • University of San Francisco
  • San Francisco State University
  • Portland State University
  • Lewis and Clark College
  • University of Puget Sound
  • Bishop O'Dowd High School

Oakland Veg

Another big development for FFAC was taking over Oakland Veg, which was started by several incredible Oakland activists in 2011. FFAC kept the tradition of hosting Oakland Veg Week, a series of community events to promote how fun, easy, and healthy veg eating can be. But this year, Oakland Veg Week culminated in the first ever Oakland Veg Fest, which was a huge success!

Over 2,000 people attended this free public event, which featured fantastic speakers, local vendors, and lots of delicious free food! We were pleased that the VegFest drew many people who were not already vegetarian, and either came to try the food or because they were passing by during a walk around beautiful Lake Merritt.


We plan to expand our reach even further in 2016...

  • Our biggest project will be a website for national presenters - a one stop shop for people who want to speak to their communities about the impacts of animal agriculture. The website, which will feature free training videos and presentation resources, will launch in January.
  • We will also host the second-annual Oakland Veg Fest on May 21, 2016, which will be even bigger and better than the first.
  • Since most of our regional chapters were launched within the last few months, 2016 will also mark the first year that we will have all 5 of our chapters operating at full capacity. They will expand their networks to give even more presentations, and will also begin organizing events and reaching out to schools about Green Monday.

 Thank You


Finally, we would like to express our gratitude for all of the amazing volunteers, supporters, and donors who make our work possible. Thank you for helping people make more compassionate, sustainable food choices.


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