Amy Johnson

  • commented on What About Workers? 2017-07-01 20:14:30 -0700
    Having slaughterhouses and factory farm workers in our community is not a good thing. If these people can do such cruel things to non human animals imagine how they conduct themselves in society. We shouldn’t be promoting cruelty to animals, it’s not good for society!

  • commented on We Are What We Eat 2017-07-01 20:10:56 -0700
    I’ve had people say to me that they think veganism is unhealthy because when you look at some vegan products they have long lists of ingredients sometimes with names of things people don’t understand. What people don’t understand is that meat, eggs or dairy is not one ingredient, it is a general term, an umbrella term used to describe a heap of things that go into that one umbrella ingredient. What the animals are fed, where they have lived, who they are, who their parents were, what illnesses they have had, how they have been selectively bred over centuries etc etc all make up the composition of organic and inorganic chemicals in the umbrella term; meat, diary, eggs. Thus meat, dairy and eggs is not one ingredient like most people think. It’s just that vegan food legally has to list the ingredients and meat, dairy and eggs don’t. I actually think it’s great because you know exactly what you are getting…. can’t guarantee what you’re getting when you eat animal products due to such poor labelling.

  • commented on What's the Beef with Free-Range Beef? 2017-07-01 19:55:38 -0700
    When it comes down to it, there is no way that humane animal farming can feed 7 billion people. Veganism is not only the way animals can have rights in our society but also the only way animals can have strong welfare in our society. There is simply no way to kindly farm enough animals to feed 7 billion people. Veganism is the solution to animal welfare, environmentalism and/or animal rights. Obviously more eco friendly plant farming is needed, reducing human population, renewable energy etc etc but the primary need is our society to be vegan.

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