2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Celebrate your loved ones or yourself with some amazing cruelty-free gifts from authors, artists, and businesses that support local non-profits! Whether you're shopping for others or wracking your brain for what to put on your Christmas or (belated) Hanukkah list this year, search no more!

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TRIPLE Your Impact!

We have been offered an incredible double matching grant opportunity from December 1st to December 31st, so your donation will be TRIPLED!

In 2015, we spoke to over 7,000 people across the country. Over 82% of the people we reach pledge to reduce or eliminate their meat consumption. That translates to:

  • Over 50,000 animal lives saved
  • Over 465 million gallons of water saved
  • Over 6 million pounds of carbon emissions saved

Help us expand our reach in 2016 by making a year-end contribution. Thank you so much for your support!

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Green Fest

Green Festival Expo, An ALL Vegan/Vegetarian Event


FFAC is excited to partner with the first-ever Portland Green Festival Expo! Bike to the expo or bring in a new, unwrapped Toy for Toys for Tots to receive FREE entry!

Join the Green Festival Marketplace by shopping and exploring over 250 exhibitors, learning from over 50 inspirational speakers, indulging in some delicious veg food, joining in on some free Nia Sessions, exploring the Family Fun Pavilion and learning all you need to know to live a more sustainable lifestyle! Green Festival Portland will feature a wide range of speakers from green business entrepreneurs, community leaders and environmental experts, who will speak about the most effective ways individuals can reduce their ecological footprint. Foodies, locavores and conscious eaters will have an opportunity to attend presentations by keynote, expert speakers, including:

  •  Leslie Durso, celebrity chef seen on The Food Network and The Discovery Channel
  •  Peter Spendelow, Former President of Northwest Veg
  •  Amy van Saun, Legal Fellow, Center for Food Safety
  •  Corbin Lichtinger, Food Corps
  •  Connie Shaw, Co-owner, Oregon Brineworks to hold a Fermentation Workshop

There will be vegan and vegetarian food served and a specific area for the new ‘local marketplace’ where attendees can find local products produced in Portland! Download the brand new Green Festival Expo App while you’re at the expo to receive all the latest updates, info and chances to win prizes!

Tickets to the expo here: http://ticketswest.com/events/green-festival-portland-2015/49280/

Hours open to the public are: Friday 12pm – 6pm, Saturday 10am – 6pm & Sunday 10am – 5pm. SHOP. TASTE. ENJOY. December 11-13th at the Oregon Convention Center http://www.greenfestivals.org/

Come say hello to FFAC at booth #847!


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Exposing Factory Farming Through Art

Often when we talk about factory farming, it is difficult to convey the magnitude of the problem. The scale is so large that our brains have a hard time conceiving the numbers. The effects are hidden in scientific papers that are long and indecipherable to the average consumer. A new exhibit at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia seeks to lay out this information in a format we can easily understand. By mixing the science with art, CAFO Culture: Visualizing Factory Farming in Virginia accomplishes just that.


Most Americans remain unaware of how food is produced in the 21st century - that it comes from facilities and factories, not farms. As the artist and curators learned while working on their pieces, this lack of understanding is by design. The artists were originally hoping to gain access to factory farms, but most of the photographs of Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) used in the exhibit were taken from behind fences, across the street, or from aerial fly-overs. One cannot simply walk through the gates of a Smithfield Pork facility.

Much of the exhibit is centered on mapping. This allows viewers to see where these farms are concentrated throughout the state – illustrating, for instance, that the CAFOs on the Delmarva Peninsula in Virginia produce over one million chickens per week. It also makes an effort to show how these facilities impact the surrounding environment by mapping the runoff of E. coli, nitrates and ammonia.

The show came together through the collaborative efforts of William and Mary professors Alan Braddock, Tim Russel, Bongkeun Song, graduate student Lindsay Garcia, and many others. It was made possible by a grant from the Commonwealth Center for Energy and the Environment.

Exhibits like this are uncommon but important. Animal agriculture is one of the most destructive industries in the country, and it’s one that most Americans end up supporting by default, simply because they are unaware. They are unaware that across the U.S. we raise 9 billion animals a year for food and that 99% of those animals are coming from factory farms. They’re unaware that the system that is pumping out cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets is also pumping out more greenhouse gasses than the emissions from from all cars, trucks, planes, and trains in the world. Most importantly, they are unaware that we can take meaningful action. We can choose not to support factory farming by boycotting the products these companies produce and switching to plant based alternatives instead. Through art and advocacy, we can engage and empower people to make this change.

Written by David Phinney, FFAC's director in Richmond, Virginia.

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Animal Ag in Our Own Backyards

Did you know that public parks - cherished wild spaces - are actually suffering ecological damage from overgrazing cattle?

This past Sunday, FFAC was proud to partner with Wild Oakland and Climate Healers to host an educational walk at the Wildcat Canyon regional park (El Cerrito, CA) on the effects of overgrazing on ecosystems. Sailesh Rao, the executive director of Climate Healers, led our discussion, which was facilitated by Constance Taylor, the executive director of Wild Oakland.

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Factory Farms Infecting Swimming Pools


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Launching Los Angeles Chapter!

FFAC is thrilled to announce the launch of our new chapter in Los Angeles, led by Nora Kramer.

Nora Kramer

Nora has worked as an educator and activist since 2001. She coordinated the Bay Area’s signature-gathering efforts for the precedent-setting Proposition 2 campain, worked as the Youth Outreach Coordinator for Mercy for Animals, and is the Founder and Executive Director of Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp. As the new FFAC Los Angeles Director, Nora will educate consumers and empower activists across L.A.!

Upcoming Events

To kick off our L.A. chapter, our Executive Director will lead a speaker training, and a discussion on how animal activists can broaden our message to increase our effectiveness.

  • The speaker training will be held on January 31st in Palos Verdes. The training and waiting list are full, but we will be holding another training within a few months. To learn about our upcoming trainings, email presentations@ffacoalition.org.
  • The talk, which is co-sponsored by the Animal Advocacy Museum, will be held at the Blue Rose Cafe (right next door to Doomie's Home Cookin!) from 7-9pm on January 31st.

Reaching New Heights: How Broadening Our Message Can Increase Effectiveness
Any way you cut it, factory farming is bad - for animals, the environment, workers, and public health. But discussion of animal agriculture has traditionally been relegated to the domain of animal rights, which alienates many potential supporters. Join the Executive Director of the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition for a discussion about how we can reach new audiences and build powerful coalitions through broadening our message.


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What's the Beef with Free-Range Beef?


I recently took a train from California to Chicago, and eagerly looked for wildlife along the voyage. But there was only one type of animal that I saw in large numbers: cows. From the rolling hills of California to the deserts of Utah to the snowy plains of Colorado, cows are everywhere.

While not quite as exciting as the exotic wildlife I was hoping to see, these cows are as free-range as they come, looking as though they've wandered straight out of a beef commercial. So why wasn't I happy to see these animals?

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3 Upcoming Trainings!

Interested in becoming an FFAC presenter, or learning how to speak out effectively on behalf of animals and the environment? Attend one of our upcoming trainings!

  • St. Mary's College Activism Training: Week of January 19th (date & time TBA)

For more details and to RSVP, please email presentations@ffacoalition.org.

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Celebrating Our Success


We gave presentations to 3,250 people, trained over 2 dozen activists, and of course released our famous BART ads!

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