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Yesterday marked the most presentations FFAC has ever given in one day - 4 separate talks! FFAC is partnering with Oakland Veg Week to brin...

Yesterday marked the most presentations FFAC has ever given in one day - 4 separate talks! oaklandveg.jpgFFAC is partnering with Oakland Veg Week to bring the veg message into local Oakland schools, and yesterday was the first of our Oakland Veg Week talks. We spoke to three 11th grade English classes at Oakland Technical High School. Our presentation was timed to coincide with their unit on the food system. The students at Oakland Tech were a rapt and vocal audience. The presentation was punctuated with yells of, "That's messed up!" and "Eww, gross!" They were horrified to learn about the conditions in which animals are kept, and thoroughly disgusted by the manure lagoons adjacent to factory farms. Many students also drew their own unprompted connections betweechickens-in-cages.jpgn factory farming and slavery. Several of the students exclaimed that the intensive confinement of battery-caged hens resembled conditions on the deadly Middle Passage used to transport slaves from Africa to America. While we do not usually discuss the connections between human and animal oppression, this provided space to consider the underlying mindsets that lead to exploitation, such as one group deeming itself superior and devaluing the life of another group. oakland-tech-collage.png


Thanks to a grant from VegFund, we were able to win over students' stomachs with samples of vanilla almond milk and chocolate soy milk, as well as vegan chocolate chip cookies. Many students were excited to finally be able to drink milk without feeling sick because they are lactose intolerant. We concluded the momentous day with a talk hosted by the Santa Clara County Animal Activists at San Jose State University. Although many people in the audience were already activists, they were grateful to learn new facts about facets of factory farming that typically receive less attention, such as worker treatment.


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