Please help me reach my fundraising goal in support of FFAC's important work!

Hello! I recently joined FFAC as the Salt Lake City Director and have been busy the last few months giving presentations to high school and college classes all around Salt Lake City. FFAC is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating people about the impacts our industrial food system has on the environment, people and animals, and empowering people to be agents of change in the movement towards a more humane, sustainable future. It has been incredible connecting directly with students and seeing the responses from so many who are inspired to stand up and make a difference, and I am so excited to be continue this work as FFAC grows.

Please consider helping me reach my fundraising goal to support all of FFAC's amazing work! All the money that's raised will go towards FFAC's education and outreach efforts, ensuring this important work continues and grows to new levels. Thank you!!

Salt Lake City Director, Factory Farming Awareness Coalition
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