Ditch the Dairy Infographic
Picture of Delicious Food

Delicious Food

From avocado pesto pasta to peanut butter brownie cheesecake, you can find dairy-free versions of all of your favorite foods. Even if you don’t like to cook, you can just substitute! Whole Soy yogurt, Coconut Bliss ice cream, and almond milk are our faves. Get more recipes and a week-long meal plan: chooseveg.com

Picture of Adorable Animals

Adorable Animals

Like all animals raised for food, dairy cows and their adorable calves suffer immensely. The good news is that you can stop contributing to their suffering by ditching the dairy! Meet some of the animals who have already been saved here: chooseveg.com/animals

Picture of Healthy Planet

Healthy Planet

Because animal agriculture is a leading cause of climate change, water pollution, and the deforestation of the rainforest, ditching dairy and other animal products is the best way to help the planet! Watch these clips on the best ways to cut your carbon footprint and save water, the rainforest, and wildlife: cowspiracy.com/#the-facts

Picture of Helping People

Helping People

Not only will ditching the dairy help animals, but people too! Workers in the animal agriculture industry face one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. People who live near animal agriculture operations suffer health problems because of the air and water pollution caused by manure. Learn more about how factory farming affects workers and communities: foodispower.org/factory-farm-workers

Picture of Staying Fit

Staying Fit

A vegan diet can help you achieve a lower BMI, clear up your skin and give you more energy, and lower your risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. And being vegan doesn’t mean you can’t be strong - just ask Olympic athlete Seba Johnson, tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams, NFL player David Carter, and triathlete Brendan Brazier! Learn more about how to be healthy and plant-strong: nutritionfacts.org/video/what-diet-should-physicians-recommend

Picture of Meeting Great People

Meet Great People

Be part of the growing and diverse vegan movement! Get involved in vegan potlucks, cooking demos, and other great events where you can meet the millions who made the switch. Sign up for the FFAC mailing list for fun veg events in the Bay Area and Portland. Don’t live there? Let us know and we’ll connect you with your local veg community. Get connected: ffacoalition.org/get_involved