Ditching the Dairy

FFAC is building on the success of our "What's Really in Your Carton" infographic with a new supermarket demo campaign. After providing sh...


FFAC is building on the success of our "What's Really in Your Carton" infographic with a new supermarket demo campaign. After providing shoppers with samples of a variety of plant-based milks, we explain that they have as much calcium as cow milk without any of the cholesterol, environmental degradation, or animal suffering. It's a win-win! Last week, Jessica and Kitty sampled soy, almond, and rice milk in front of a popular grocery store. They were overwhelmed by the positive response.  Many people exclaimed, "I've been meaning to try this!" Four people came back on their way out of the store to show Jess and Kitty their newly-purchased cartons of almond or soy milk. This week, Katherine, Katie, Jessica, and Kitty sampled flax, almond, and coconut milk. The flax milk was a surprise favorite; people hadn't seen the product before, and were pleasantly surprised by the taste. Plus, with the ideal omega-3 to omega-6 ratio, flax milk is one of the healthiest options. IMG_20130125_170900-1024x768.jpg

Next week we'll be back with coupons!

Thank you to VegFund for sponsoring the printing of our milk infographic, and the product sampling. If you would like to arrange an event at your local supermarket, please e-mail info@ffacoalition.org.


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