Help educate thousands of people about the power of our food choices by encouraging friends & family to support our work on your behalf this holiday season. Between December 1st and December 30th all donations will be TRIPLED!

Here's how you can spread the word and join our fundraising team...

1. Create a personal fundraising page: 

This is the easiest way to let your friends know HOW and WHY to donate.

  • Go to the bottom of this page
  • Click "Sign in with Facebook, Twitter, or Email"
  • Set up an account if you don't already have one
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, click "account settings" and then fill in your fundraising goals
  • Click "Public Profile" at the bottom of the website and share that you are participating!

2. Write your post/letter:

  • Share your personal fundraising page on social media and/or send an email to friends, family and businesses asking them to donate on your behalf. Make sure to include the link to your fundraising page so that we can track your donations!

3. Tell people how to donate to your cause

  • Direct people to or your personal fundraising page at
  • Collect checks payable to: FFAC with your name in the memo line
  • Mail checks or money orders to: FFAC, 1212 Farragut Circle, Davis, CA 95618

Questions? Contact: Katie Cantrell
Phone: (323) 828-7040

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