Move the Message

On September 8th, Josephine Bellaccomo led nearly 20 Factory Farming Awareness Coalition members in an interactive public speaking workshop...


As both a long-time animal activist and an executive communications coach with 16 years of corporate experience, Jo was uniquely qualified to lead this workshop.  In her corporate work, she focuses on pitch consulting and presentation skills with clients like Microsoft, Random House, and the American Heart Association.  All attendees received a copy of her book, Move the MessageIMG_20120908_165500-768x1024.jpg We began by discussing the values of FFAC and how we want our organization to be perceived.  Vigorous brainstorming revealed that speakers want to be seen as informative, confident, thoughtful, and compassionate. With those values framing our goals for the speaker training, Jo addressed common public speaking habits that can detract from effective communication.  She then led us through a series of interactive exercises to teach easy ways to eliminate distractions, and demonstrate the power of posture and eye contact.workshop.jpg


Members participating in interactive exercise[/caption] Each member presented a portion of the presentation and received direct feedback.  Jo led speakers through exercises to build up specific skills, while audience members were able to learn from observation.  The presentations, feedback, and follow-up exercises were all videotaped; by viewing their performance through the eyes of the audience, speakers gain a new understanding of how to effectively implement the many techniques we learned. Thanks to Josephine's powerful workshop and the dedication of our speakers, FFAC now has 20 presenters who have been professionally trained to move our message of education and compassion.  We learned new tools to effectively convey not just the facts about the environmental and humanitarian effects of factory farming, but also how to give voice to the critical importance of this information in a way that moves and inspires the audience.


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