Powerful New Resource for Educating Communities About Factory Farming

FFAC is proud to announce that we are launching a new web page to empower advocates across the country to educate their communities about the animal welfare, social justice, and environmental impacts of factory farming. The page provides a one­ stop-shop for people who want to spread awareness, complete with public speaking tips, FAQ, and form letters for contacting local schools and community groups.



While there are millions of animal advocates and environmentalists across the country who are passionate about ending factory farming and introducing people to the benefits of a plant-­based diet, it can be difficult and intimidating to initiate those conversations. Many people do not even try, believing that omnivores would rather continue to enjoy their hamburgers in blissful ignorance.

“After giving hundreds of presentations to thousands of people across the country, I have seen time and time again that given the right information, in the right context, people are grateful to learn the truth and are eager to make meaningful changes,” said Katie Cantrell, Executive Director and founder of FFAC.

Despite a growing awareness of factory farming, the vast majority of people remain in the dark about the severity and scope of the issue. Audiences are shocked to learn that 9 billion animals are slaughtered for food in the U.S. every year, 99% of them on factory farms.

Now anyone can use FFAC’s presentations to connect with classes and groups in their community. After signing up on the website, people can access the resources page for training and tips. FFAC’s Presentation Coordinator, Claudia Lifton, will then contact the presenter and provide them with the slides and script that best meet the needs of their intended audience.

People who are interested in educating their communities can visit www.ffacoalition.org/give_a_presentation to sign up and access resources.


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  • commented 2016-05-21 13:26:10 -0700
    Just now watched the video. The world needs you! Thank you Katie Cantrell. Thank goodness you are on this earth! We will post this on our website.
    In sincerest gratitude,
    Kelcey Taber @ FreeDay Productions

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