The Biggest Ever

On January 12th, Katie presented to the entire student body at Lick Wilmerding High School in San Francisco, an audience of about 500 people...

DSC_0007-1024x680.jpgThe talk was arranged by Charlotte, a Lick Wilmerding student who completed an independent study on the environmental impacts of our food system. In the course of her research, she came across our organization and invited us to speak. DSC_0002-1024x680.jpgAfter the presentation, we collected 100 feedback cards. Students were most moved by the scale of factory farming, the animal cruelty (specifically chicken de-beaking and pig tail docking), manure pits, and worker treatment. A fifth of respondents said that they wanted to switch to a plant-based milk, and another 20 pledged to participate in Meatless Mondays. Best of all, our collaboration with Lick Wilmerding will continue; one class decided to volunteer with FFAC for their service learning project in April! We also intend to work with their cafeteria to offer either almond or soy milk, since so many students expressed interest.


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