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  • commented on We hear you! Announcing FFAC's Future Initiatives 2014-10-22 15:03:41 -0700
    Your cause is well represented by the new documentary Cowspiracy, which I was fortunate to see last night in Berkeley. It shares the most compelling reasons why we all need to stop in our tracks, in eating any animal, again. I have heard many reasons to go vegan, but this documentary puts it all together, especially with our water shortage issue, and the humane reasons as well.
    I am a convert, and look forward to being affiliated with your folks! And hats off to the co-directors of this remarkable film too.

    And – I just learned at my local Whole Foods store in San Ramon, a company called Hampton Creek produces Just Mayo that uses plant-based eggs (referred to in the film), and will be out soon with Just Scrambled. I look forward to the experience!

    And – the timing couldn’t be better to include a FULLER reason for my community to go vegan, as my campaign launches a local contest in all 3 cities in our school district, to deal with water, energy issues and food, to counter climate change. It is called BeTheExample Contest, coordinated with local HS student clubs.
    What timing!

    Priscilla Rich, Exec Director, Transition Express Campaign,
    Danville CA

I am a 100% renewable activist - inviting all, worldwide, to move their mayors to take action on this agenda. Palo Alto CA passed the 100% mark this summer.
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