Want to speak out on behalf of farmed animals? Want to spread awareness about the impacts of our food choices? We make it easy!

check-mark.pngThe Goal

The Factory Farming Awareness Coalition empowers anyone, anywhere to use our materials to spread awareness and move towards a more sustainable, humane food system.

video.pngThe Presentation

Getting started is as easy as watching this video and sharing it with your friends.

checkbox.pngThe Next Step

Ready to do more? Our presentation coordinator will be in touch with you shortly to fill you in on the next steps and provide you with the slides and script. We'll support you at every step of the way.

List.pngFinding a Venue

Our presentations are suited to a wide variety of groups of people. We've found the most success with groups that are concerned with the environment, social justice, animals, or health. Some good places to start are:

Are you or someone you know part of one of the following groups? If so, ask if you can give a presentation during a class or meeting, or as a lunchtime lecture.

management-tier.pngMaking the Connection

If you don't have a personal contact at a school or group, you can use our form letters to reach out and see if they're interested in hosting a presentation. Download form letter here

public-speak--video-img.pngPractice Public Speaking

We know it can be intimidating to stand up in front of an audience. But it can be exhilarating! Here are some basic tips to become more comfortable in front of an audience.

presentation-transparent.pngGet Ready for the Presentation

Once you've practiced your public speaking and found a group interested in hosting the presentation, you're ready to go! Here's all of the info you'll need for the logistics of delivering a presentation and answering audience questions. Presentation Protocol and Audience FAQ

envelope-transparent.pngLet Us Know How It Went!

If you use our materials, we just ask that you share the venue, number of people in the audience, and ideally a few photos with us. Send your stories to claudia@ffacoalition.org

question-transparent.pngWe're Here to Help

Our presentation coordinator will be in touch with you shortly to answer any questions you have and to arrange the next steps for giving a presentation on behalf of FFAC.  In the meantime feel free to email claudia@ffacoalition.org with any questions or comments.