We Are What We Eat

Whether it's the chocolate cake that brings us bliss or the old leftovers that don't sit quite right in our stomachs, we all know the dra...

Whether it's the chocolate cake that brings us bliss or the old leftovers that don't sit quite right in our stomachs, we all know the drastic impact that food can have on the state of our minds and bodies. Luckily for us, we have a choice in what we choose to put in our bodies. Cows, pigs, chickens, and other farm animals are not as fortunate – they have to eat what is offered to them. Factory farms only care about one thing: keeping the animals alive long enough to be slaughtered. In addition, these farms are always looking for ways to keep costs down and the animals healthy, and the best way to do this is to feed animals cheaply, with low doses of antibiotics thrown in. Just last week we learned that a hog farm in Kentucky is battling porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, also known as PEDV. To protect the healthy hogs, this farm is “vaccinating” them with their own offspring. “The animals' intestines are ground up and fed, as a "smoothie" — as HSUS dubs it — back to the sows, which could be their own mothers.” In addition, a practice that is illegal in Europe but still practiced in U.S. is feeding “poultry litter” to the cows – the feces, feathers, uneaten chicken feed, and anything else that gets scooped off the floors of chicken cages and broiler houses. The uneaten pellets can contain beef protein, which can be a carrier of infected bovine protein – the dangerous culprit behind mad cow disease. If we are what we eat, then it's worth considering all of the inputs into our food, whether sunlight and water, or dead piglets and chicken litter.


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  • commented 2017-07-01 20:10:56 -0700
    I’ve had people say to me that they think veganism is unhealthy because when you look at some vegan products they have long lists of ingredients sometimes with names of things people don’t understand. What people don’t understand is that meat, eggs or dairy is not one ingredient, it is a general term, an umbrella term used to describe a heap of things that go into that one umbrella ingredient. What the animals are fed, where they have lived, who they are, who their parents were, what illnesses they have had, how they have been selectively bred over centuries etc etc all make up the composition of organic and inorganic chemicals in the umbrella term; meat, diary, eggs. Thus meat, dairy and eggs is not one ingredient like most people think. It’s just that vegan food legally has to list the ingredients and meat, dairy and eggs don’t. I actually think it’s great because you know exactly what you are getting…. can’t guarantee what you’re getting when you eat animal products due to such poor labelling.

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