We hear you! Announcing FFAC's Future Initiatives

Looking back on the past four years, we’re amazed by FFAC’s growing community. In 2014 alone, over 2,000 people have attended our pres...

Looking back on the past four years, we’re amazed by FFAC’s growing community.

In 2014 alone, over 2,000 people have attended our presentations on factory farming. And last month, 150 friends chowed down with us in Oakland at a Free Vegan BBQ – our largest monthly event yet!

We appreciate everyone who helps us raise awareness and believes in our mission. That is why we recently asked you for your views on FFAC’s current work and future opportunities.

Your feedback inspired us to look forward with grassroots education.

Based on dozens of survey responses as well as an in-depth, in-person brainstorming session with 14 of our volunteers, we hear that you are invested in our mission of grassroots education and want us to deepen and expand that effort.

Now, we’re proud to share our plans to boost FFAC’s capacity for presentations and scale our organization in a healthy and sustainable way.

In the coming years, FFAC will bring the following initiatives to life:

1) Developing materials for scalable grassroots education

One of our main takeaways is to expand the reach of our grassroots education. To that end, we recently created a Presentation Coordinator position to maximize outreach to schools and organizations in the Bay Area. We are developing a presentation for elementary and middle school audiences, and by 2015 will have additional supplementary curriculum for teachers. We are also going to launch a new website with expanded resources, and create short online video segments based on our presentation to help people share the message on social media.

2) Expanding presenter trainings to better equip and support presenters

Volunteer presenters make FFAC possible, so we want to empower them. We have launched an online forum to provide resources and peer mentorship for new presenters. We will conduct follow-up speaker trainings to allow presenters more opportunities to receive feedback from a small audience, as well as more basic trainings for community members who want to learn how to effectively speak to friends and family about this issue. We also aim to increase the number of speaker training attendees who become regular presenters.

3) Supporting volunteer presenters and chapters in cities across North America

From across the continent, we’ve received dozens of inquiries from concerned citizens who want to use our presentation to educate their communities. We currently make our presentation slides and script available to anyone, anywhere, but we seek to increase remote resources. The online forum will help empower remote presenters by providing resources and a sense of community. Within the next year we will also provide remote video trainings on public speaking and outreach techniques.

In addition to having single presenters across the country, we are starting chapters in cities with particularly promising networks and devoted volunteers. Portland, OR and Toronto, Canada have both launched chapters, and we are currently searching for a coordinator in Los Angeles.

4) Building our membership by delivering value

Finally, as we develop FFAC’s organizational model, we are exploring ways to build our membership. We have exciting plans for educational events, monthly dinners in the Bay Area, and other member benefits. Our commitment is to always have both paid and volunteer options for membership, continuing FFAC’s dedication to grassroots movement building.

If you have ideas for these initiatives or want to read a longer report, please get in touch with us!

And to all of our presenters and core volunteers, partners and allies, donors and supporters, and audience members, thank your for making our future possible.


Katie Cantrell Executive Director, FFAC


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  • commented 2014-10-22 15:03:41 -0700
    Your cause is well represented by the new documentary Cowspiracy, which I was fortunate to see last night in Berkeley. It shares the most compelling reasons why we all need to stop in our tracks, in eating any animal, again. I have heard many reasons to go vegan, but this documentary puts it all together, especially with our water shortage issue, and the humane reasons as well.
    I am a convert, and look forward to being affiliated with your folks! And hats off to the co-directors of this remarkable film too.

    And – I just learned at my local Whole Foods store in San Ramon, a company called Hampton Creek produces Just Mayo that uses plant-based eggs (referred to in the film), and will be out soon with Just Scrambled. I look forward to the experience!

    And – the timing couldn’t be better to include a FULLER reason for my community to go vegan, as my campaign launches a local contest in all 3 cities in our school district, to deal with water, energy issues and food, to counter climate change. It is called BeTheExample Contest, coordinated with local HS student clubs.
    What timing!

    Priscilla Rich, Exec Director, Transition Express Campaign,
    Danville CA

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