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Katie_Cantrell.pngKatie Cantrell
Founder, Executive Director

Katie Cantrell founded the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition in 2010, shortly after graduating from UC Berkeley. After reading the book Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer, she was inspired to address factory farming holistically, as a threat to the environment, social justice, animal welfare, and public health. Since founding FFAC, she has given over 200 presentations on factory farming to venues such as Yale, Stanford, and the Natural Resources Defense Council. Her presentation has been used as a resource by food justice activists across North America.

Contact Katie if you would like to schedule a presentation in the Portland, OR!

Sonja.pngSonja Huang
Bay Area Director

Sonja has worked in psychological and medical research since 2012, and received a fellowship to present independent research at regional conferences like those held by the Western Psychological Association. She was also a lead intern for The Humane League for over a year, conducting grassroots outreach through leafleting and gathering petition signatures for Meatless Mondays in schools. As FFAC's new Bay Area Director, Sonja will empower consumers and activists across the Bay Area through grassroots education.

Contact Sonja if you would like to schedule a presentation in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Tanzil.pngTanzil Islam

Tanzil has a Master’s in Environmental Studies and a Bachelor’s in Environmental Sciences. In 2011, she began working with Earthroots, campaigning, fundraising and conducting workshops about the importance of protecting southern Ontario’s Greenbelt, Oak Ridges Moraine and endangered species. Through her work with FFAC, she delivers presentations about the adverse effects of factory farming, as well as the ways in which industrialized animal agriculture violates Islamic principles of environmental stewardship and animal welfare.


Contact Tanzil to schedule a presentation in Toronto.

Nora.pngNora Kramer 
Los Angeles Director

Nora has worked as an educator and activist since 2001. She coordinated the Bay Area’s signature-gathering efforts for the precedent-setting Proposition 2 campain, worked as the Youth Outreach Coordinator for Mercy for Animals, and is the Founder and Executive Director of Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp.



Contact Nora if you would like to schedule a presentation in Los Angeles!

Amy_Laff.pngAmy Laff
Scottsdale, AZ

Amy Halpern Laff earned her JD at Stanford Law School. She practiced law and mediation in NY and CT while assuming leadership roles on numerous social justice campaigns.

After relocating to AZ in 2002, Halpern Laff chaired the Board of Trustees of The King David School, served as a trustee and then Director of Advancement at Jess Schwartz College Prep, consulted with schools and foundations on development and policy, and taught nonprofit and small business marketing.

In the 2014 campaign cycle, she worked on policy and outreach for AZ gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal, focusing on vulnerable populations and education equity. Currently, Halpern Laff is a fulltime advocate and mentor, apportioning her time among animal rights, prison reform, poverty reduction, and education equity.

Contact Amy if you would like to schedule a presentation in Arizona, or in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut

Claudia.pngClaudia Lifton

Claudia is an educator and writer. She spent the entire year of 2013 traveling the world blogging about her experiences for Global Vision International (GVI). She participated in 11 of their projects in Mexico, Fiji, Thailand, Kenya and South Africa, doing terrestrial or marine conservation research, education and outreach, community development or wildlife protection.  

She also helped develop the curriculum for Camp Kindness, a summer camp for kids ages 8-13 at Catskill Animal Sanctuary, and has worked there for two summers taking care of animals and educating children about compassion for animals.

Contact Claudia to schedule a presentation in Denver or Boulder

David.pngDavid Phinney
Richmond, VA Director

David Phinney has six years of experience working directly with animals who have been rescued from the agriculture industry. During that time, he coordinated and carried out the largest rescue of farmed animals in California's history. Having spoken about animal agriculture through media outlets and multiple conferences, he's looking forward to bringing an advocacy network back to his home town, Richmond, Virginia.


Contact David if you would like to schedule a presentation in Virginia!

chris-ffac.pngChris Shapard
Salt Lake City Director
Chris spent the summer of 2016 working at Uplands PEAK Sanctuary, where he assisting with general animal care, fundraising projects and outreach efforts to educate people about animals used in modern industrial agriculture. Previously, Chris worked for a national non-profit in various roles coordinating grassroots outreach, media projects, and fundraising services.

An alumni of the University of Utah, where he studied marketing and sociology, Chris is excited to be back in his home state continuing his advocacy and outreach work.

rachel-ffac.pngRachel Shippee
Chicago Director

Rachel holds a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education and Health, with experience teaching grades K-12 and coaching high school softball and tennis. She worked as an Outreach Coordinator for an animal advocacy organization, handing out over 200,000 booklets to people across the U.S. and Mexico. She also works on local community building events in Chicago.



Regional Presenters

Cassie.pngCassie Bishop
Portland, OR

Cassie Bishop is a graduate of Lewis & Clark College, where she studied International Affairs. She grew up in Carmel, California in a redwood grove and has always appreciated the beauty of nature. Preserving that for future generations has been a life-long priority. Being able to take a more active role in preserving the well-being of animals and the environment through working with FFAC is invigorating and inspiring.


Contact Cassie if you would like to schedule a presentation in Portland!

Irana.pngIrana Hawkins

Irana Hawkins has a Ph.D. in Health Professions Education from Simmons College, a Masters in Public Health from George Washington University, and is a certified dietitian. She has published articles about sustainability and plant-based diets in several peer-reviewed journals, and is a review editor for Frontiers in Nutrition.

Irana specializes in speaking about the connection between health and the environment, and has spoken on behalf of FFAC to several groups of health care professionals.

Contact Irana if you would like to schedule a presentation in Seattle.

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