Labor Day Letter to the Editor

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ICE Chicken Plant Raids Expose Labor Abuses

To the Editor,

On Labor Day, let’s not forget the workers in factory farms and slaughterhouses who produce ninety-nine percent of our meat, dairy, and eggs. Last month’s immigration raids on seven Mississippi poultry processing plants shed some light on the horrific conditions these workers endure. 

Due to the incredibly fast-paced and repetitive nature of the work, workers in meat processing plants are seven times more likely than their counterparts in other private industries to suffer from painful cumulative trauma disorders. As well, there are at least 17 severe injuries a month in US meat plants, including amputations, broken bones, and head trauma. Most of these workers don’t have health insurance or worker’s compensation, so when they get hurt and can no longer work, they’re on their own.

Many slaughterhouse workers are women who are subjected to sexual harassment from management. As we saw in Mississippi, if they try to speak out or organize, they are threatened with deportation. The managers and owners who recruit undocumented workers and subject them to these conditions typically face no legal repercussions.

By reducing or eliminating our consumption of meat, dairy, and eggs, we can help put an end to this abusive industry.

For more information, visit Factory Farming Awareness Coalition (


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