The FFAC Team




Katie Cantrell

Founder, Executive Director
Portland, OR

Katie Cantrell founded the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition in 2010, shortly after graduating from UC Berkeley. After reading the book Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer, she was inspired to address factory farming holistically, as a threat to the environment, social justice, animal welfare, and public health. Since founding FFAC, she has given over 200 presentations on factory farming at venues such as Yale, Stanford, and the Natural Resources Defense Council. Her presentation has been used as a resource by food justice activists across North America.

Monica headshot crop.jpg

Monica chen

National Programs Director
SF Bay Area, CA

Monica has a Master’s in Education and has enjoyed working with students at elementary, middle, and high school levels.  In addition to classroom teaching, she has worked in residential environmental education, taught sexual health and served as an instructor for the Prison University Project at San Quentin.  She currently volunteers her time as a crisis support counselor, and her activism is focused on the interconnectedness of social justice issues. 



Educational Program Director
Los Angeles, CA

Jesse Tandler brings the expertise of over a decade’s experience in the world of education from elementary to graduate school. Jesse received a masters degree in writing at the New School in New York City, while also teaching at a charter school in downtown Manhattan. In 2007, he moved back to California, where he worked with autistic and emotionally disturbed children in mainstream and specifically dedicated public school classrooms. In 2008, Jesse was back in New York City, working at Bronx Preparatory Charter School in the South Bronx, where he taught high school English. In 2010, he began a PhD in comparative literature and has been teaching courses in philosophy, rhetoric and writing, as well as German language, at Hunter College, Brooklyn College and the New York City College of Technology. Jesse’s years of work with a broad range of students, from the severely autistic to the highest achievers, has trained him in individualizing the learning experience according to each student’s personal style and needs.


AMY Halpern-LAFF

Director of Strategic Partnerships
New York, NY

Amy Halpern-Laff earned her JD at Stanford Law School and practiced law and mediation in NY and CT. After a few years, she pivoted to education, nonprofit and grassroots campaign leadership, assuming both executive and lay leadership roles. She led two civic engagement organizations in AZ. A longtime social justice activist and educator, Amy has focused on criminal justice reform, education equity and animal rights. In addition to her work with FFAC, Amy is co-executive director of Ethics in Education Network, advocating for ethics-centered curricula that instills lifelong habits of rigorous and open-minded ethical inquiry.  



Development Director
SF Bay Area, CA

Rachel holds a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education and Health, with experience teaching grades K-12 and coaching high school softball and tennis. She previously worked as FFAC’s Chicago Director, launching the chapter and organizing community building and fundraising events.


kiely smith

Bay Area Director
SF Bay Area, CA

Kiely studied Cognitive Science at UC Berkeley and brings 6 years of experience in education and sustainability. Her knowledge of human learning and behavior facilitates solutions to environmental and social problems. She considers humane and sustainability issues through a lens of social justice and strongly supports leadership from women and people of color. In her free time, Kiely enjoys fostering dogs, eating chocolate, and visiting the Sierra Nevada mountains. 



Toronto Director
Toronto, Canada

Tanzil has a Master’s in Environmental Studies and a Bachelor’s in Environmental Sciences. In 2011, she began working with Earthroots, campaigning, fundraising and conducting workshops about the importance of protecting southern Ontario’s Greenbelt, Oak Ridges Moraine and endangered species. Through her work with FFAC, she delivers presentations about the adverse effects of factory farming, as well as the ways in which industrialized animal agriculture violates Islamic principles of environmental stewardship and animal welfare.



Denver Director
Denver, CO

Claudia is an educator and writer. She spent the entire year of 2013 traveling the world blogging about her experiences for Global Vision International (GVI). She participated in 11 of their projects in Mexico, Fiji, Thailand, Kenya and South Africa, doing terrestrial or marine conservation research, education and outreach, community development or wildlife protection.  

She also helped develop the curriculum for Camp Kindness, a summer camp for kids ages 8-13 at Catskill Animal Sanctuary, and has worked there for two summers taking care of animals and educating children about compassion for animals.



Salt Lake City Director
Salt Lake City, UT

Chris spent the summer of 2016 working at Uplands PEAK Sanctuary, where he assisted with animal care, fundraising projects and outreach efforts to educate people about animals used in modern industrial agriculture. Previously, Chris worked for a national non-profit in various roles coordinating grassroots outreach, media projects, and fundraising services.

An alumni of the University of Utah, where he studied marketing and sociology, Chris is excited to be back in his home state continuing his advocacy and outreach work.



Orlando Director
Orlando, FL

Dafni has been working as a Greek language tutor for the last 17 years (both in Greece and the US), after obtaining her BA in Greek Philology (Department of Linguistics).

She emigrated from Greece in 2009, and since 2011 she has been conducting grassroots outreach to increase awareness of the impacts of industrial animal agriculture on the animals and the environment.


Meghan Jones

Seattle Director
Seattle, WA

Meghan graduated from the University of Washington with a double major in Political Science and Comparative History of Ideas, focusing in critical human/animal studies. While in university, she established a student-led organization that continues to educate students about animal welfare issues at UW today. Since graduation, she has worked in marketing and communications for multiple nonprofit organizations, conducting outreach and creating digital and print content for several campaigns both in Seattle and Los Angeles. She is excited to bring FFAC to Seattle, and continue to promote critical dialogues about how our everyday choices impact the world around us.


Stephanie Domingo

Chicago Director
Chicago, IL

Stephanie graduated from the University of Iowa with a B.A. in Philosophy and a minor in Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies. She is passionate about critical thought and social justice. After graduating, Stephanie underwent an AmeriCorps position as a RefugeeRISE member working with people settling in the U.S. as refugees in Eastern Iowa and assisted them in getting acclimated. Stephanie has years of experience working with various advocacy organizations and has spent time living abroad in Australia and India. Stephanie is currently thinking about and working on the intersections of human and non-human animal oppression, particularly as it relates to food justice.


Board of Directors

Dr Verana.jpg

Dr. Verena Rossa-Roccor, Board Chair

Verena holds a medical degree and worked as a psychiatrist before going back to school for a degree in public health. Verena believes that human, animal, and planetary health are all inextricably linked and that food system research and advocacy is the perfect vehicle to improve all three. 

Born and raised in Germany, Verena moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2015, where she enjoys the beautiful, wild nature that constitutes the Pacific Northwest. If she's not strategizing how to make this world a more just, equitable, and peaceful place for all beings, she can be found roaming the local mountains or ocean shores with her partner and their companion, Baloo. 


Clare Ellis, Secretary

Clare is the publisher of Stone Pier Press, an environmental publishing company with a food focus. It produces books and news that highlight how to eat, grow, and dispose of our food in a way that builds a cooler, kinder, and healthier world. By focusing on solutions, Stone Pier makes it easier for any one of us to act on them. 

Clare has been a journalist, editor, marketer, and entrepreneur. She led teams for several media companies, including Time-Warner, Disney Publishing, MTV, and BabyCenter, and has been on the founding team of many start ups. Clare founded GoCityKids, an award-winning city guide for parents, which was acquired by Nickelodeon. She has also developed content, products, and marketing strategies for farmers, filmmakers, and food companies. 


Nina Webster, Treasurer

Nina Webster earned her Bachelor of Business Administration from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. After several years in banking, she wanted to align her career with her values by supporting positive environmental and social impact. In 2015, she joined New Resource Bank, now a part of Amalgamated Bank. Combined it is the largest socially responsible bank in the U.S., a B Corp and member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values. In 2017, she attended the Climate Reality Leadership Corps, where her desire to improve education and awareness of the climate affects of animal agriculture was fostered.


Eva Kalea, Data & Analytics

Eva graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in comparative literature and has extensive experience in branding and strategy for both non-profit and for-profit organizations (in addition to a brief stint as a vegan chef).

Eva is the creative director at The Cliffs, an indoor rock climbing company based in New York. She leads The Cliffs' creative and marketing teams and is an advocate of diversity in climbing, conservation, and sustainability in climbing gym operations. Eva is also the founder of Green Action Force, a project dedicated to reducing the use of disposable plastics. 

She is passionate about animal advocacy, environmentalism, and social justice and is excited to bring these passions to FFAC, an organization that addresses each of these facets as it relates to factory farming. She has worked closely with FFAC since its founding to help define its visual branding and strategy, and is a NY-based presenter. 


Katie Cantrell, Founder

Katie is the founder and executive director of FFAC.